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We all know what we need to do; eat healthily, move more, unplug and unwind yet we fail to make the leap from knowledge to action. We’re not sufficiently motivated to make changes even though we can see and feel the consequences of not taking better care of ourselves.

So how do we bridge the I know vs. I do divide and align our actions in ways that support our intentions?

A good place to start is with our beliefs, as what we believe shapes our behaviour. When we consciously choosing to adopt a resourceful belief, we can then ask ourselves how we might live in alignment with that belief, explore what we can do more of, less of, or differently, to express that belief. It becomes the anchor point for a plan and a motivating force to create new habits.

The following beliefs have helped shape my own focus on greater well-being:

  1. Prioritising myself is an investment
  2. Time allocation is a choice
  3. Emotional care is as important as physical care
  4. Managing my energy instead of managing time
  5. When it’s wrong, move on.

I’ll explore each of these over coming weeks. Please sign up or follow me on Linked-In to learn more.