Bright Spot Consulting is a change agency that supports leaders, teams and organisations to make the changes necessary for personal and organisational success.

Built on the belief that change is a dynamic energy that breathes new life into people and workplaces and that change is a necessary norm in successful workplaces, we've set out to provide the support that is needed to navigate the change journey.
We believe there is massive untapped potential in individuals and organisations across the business world. It is our role to draw out that potential for better workplaces and thriving communities.
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About Julene Hope

‘People don’t resist change, they resist being changed’ 

Peter Senge.

For me, the greatest reward is to assist others to move beyond the barriers between them and success. I work with individuals and teams to navigate change in the workplace, whether that change is to seek and find a new direction, achieve better results or design a new way of working.

I am a Change Agent, a catalyst for better business, more supportive workplaces and stronger communities in New Zealand. I support organisations to design and deliver change to improve service quality, enhance culture, develop leadership and capability and embrace change. As a coach, I helps people expand their thinking, understand themselves better, and unblock whatever might be holding them back.

Change is an exciting place of great potential, a place where challenge, connection, improvement and personal growth can all come together to create better working environments.  I have led change in government programmes, in private business and with leaders across the health sector in both NZ and the UK.

What Previous Clients Say About Julene

“I really wanted this role to be different, one that didn't take over my whole life and wear me down. You have set me on the right path, helped me balance my approach to my work and really supported me to find my way.”

CEO - Membership Services Association

“I didn't really know that this coaching was going to be any use, but I have to say it’s been wonderful. It has been the only good part of an otherwise bad process. I want to thank-you very much.”

Former Government Employee

“I thought this might not be for me, but it’s been very useful. The questions you ask have helped me think more deeply and stay focused on the future.”


“It just makes everything easier.”

Practice Manager

“I really feel I've found a new place to work, a new centre which is calmer and better balanced.”

Team Leader

“I can’t believe how quickly I've come to rely on these catch-ups each week, it’s been so much help.”

Business Owner, Queensland AU

Every Bright Spot intervention is crafted to fit each client’s unique culture, context and desired transformation objectives.

Our clients include:
  • Health Quality & Safety Commission
  • Interim Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission
  • District Health Boards- Auckland, Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley
  • Ministry of Health
  • Royal New Zealand Plunket Society
  • Te Puni Kokiri
  • General Practice New Zealand
  • Southern Cross Primary Care
  • Accident Compensation Corporation
  • Whanganui Regional Health Network
  • Miramar Medical Centre
  • Upper Hutt Health Centre
  • Newlands Medical Centre
  • ABI Rehab

Here to listen, here to help

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