Executive Wellbeing Coaching

In order to be good leaders, we need to be able to give our people and our organisations our absolute best. No matter where we are in our career cycle or stage of life we’re expected to do more with less and our capacity to adapt and contain the enormity of what we’re faced with is continually being stretched.

As leaders we’re also expected to be a role model for all aspects of life – not just in meeting our commercial objectives and outcomes but also in how we engage and motivate our teams and how we look after our own vitality. And yet often it’s the leader who puts off the self-reflection, being too busy to look after themselves.

It is impossible to give our best when we’re depleted, exhausted, burnt out and stressed.

Executive wellbeing coaching through our Centred Leader programme is a supportive space to:

  • rediscover meaning on your work,
  • balance your energy
  • utilise the power of positive framing
  • connect with others in a meaningful way, and
  • find your voice to engage get results.

Who is it for?

Managers, leaders and leadership teams. Leaders of change initiatives.

​Please contact Julene to get a better understanding of executive wellbeing coaching and to discuss your individual needs.

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